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🇬🇧 Cambridge English @ CNTV

Dear Cambridge Assessment English Preparation Centre,

We are delighted to count you among our most loyal preparation centres.
Over the last academic year, you have prepared and registered 30 or more candidates for Cambridge English Qualifications. Despite the difficult times we have all experienced, you continue to prepare candidates for Cambridge English Qualifications; thank you for your hard work! In recognition of your commitment, we are pleased to send you the attached certificate testifying that you are one of our most valuable Preparation Centres.
Please do print and display it on your premises and publish the electronic version on your website.
If you notice any mistake for the information on the certificate, please let us know and we will issue a new one. However, please contact your exam centre and ask for the change of details for the incorrect information to be done on the Cambridge English for Centres Portal (only the exam centre can make this change). We use the information declared by the exam centres for rewarding and issuing logo/certificate for preparation centres, thus the importance of having the correct information on our portal.

Kind regards,
Cambridge Assessment English – Europe, Middle East and Africa
CNTV – instituție acreditată
din 23.02.2021.
CNTV – premiat cu titlul de
„Școală eTwinning”,
în urma desfășurării unor importante proiecte europene.
Din anul 2020, CNTV a devenit „ȘCOALĂ-AMBASADOR a PARLAMENTULUI EUROPEAN”, titlu conferit de Parlamentul European, în cadrul Concursului EPAS – Școli Ambasador.
CNTV – Centru de pregătire pentru examenele Cambridge _________________________


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